Vacation Rental Management

 Start up – When first beginning, a member from our team will meet you at the property to do a full property evaluation and ensure the home is vacation rental ready. We assist in getting any small or large items for the home to ensure guests love the experience your home provides. Once the home is prepared, our team will stage the property and provide you professional photography at no expense to you. Pictures are everything in this business so we ensure every Elite Vacation Rental is listed professionally to maximize your results.

Software/Third Party Sites – We at Elite Vacation Rentals want to ensure you get as much exposure as possible, so we utilize Streamline, the number #1 vacation rental software, to distribute your property across VRBO/HomeAway, AirBnB, Expedia, Trip Advisor and so many more. We manage all these listings in one place and take care of all payment processing as well. We stay up to date on which sites travelers are using and ensure your metrics are optimized on all sites to stay competitive.

Check in/out – Our team will manage your guests from check in to check out and will ensure your guests have an enjoyable stay every time. We provide a personal touch to your guests by always having a concierge available so that guests are be able to contact us directly for anything they need during their stay. We have teams in place to ensure all issues can be rectified immediately as these vacation rental guests expect perfection, and we do our very best to meet that expectation.

Maintenance – Maintenance is one of the most important aspect of this business, not only because you want to know your home is being maintained properly, but also to ensure you are not overpaying for these vendors coming to your home. Our team is focused on providing results, so we have a maintenance manager that addresses all maintenance issues at our properties. We have vendors that we use geographically to ensure our response time is competitive however, we do not force you to use our vendors. If you have a handyman, electrician, or any other technician that you are comfortable with, we are happy to work with any vendor to ensure you are satisfied with the work being done.

Housekeeping – Housekeeping is arguably the most important aspect of this business and overtime we have been able to build relationships with some of the best cleaners AZ has to offer. We have many cleaning teams that work geographically to ensure all homes can be turned over as quickly as possible while also taking the time to fully inspect the properties after each check out. Upon a guest checking out, the home will receive a thorough clean and upon the clean being completed, an inspector will arrive to the property to check for any damage, replace any common items like light bulbs, batteries, etc. and ensure inventory is taken on the property. The inspector will also ensure the cleaning is up to expectation before the guest arrives for a flawless check in process and a great first impression from the new guest. We use the same cleaning teams to ensure they get familiar with the home as well as the specific items that may need to be tended to.

Accounting – Second homeowners looking to make some income when not utilizing their property are often skeptical of the accounting and tax responsibilities that come with it. Our goal is to ensure you can relax while your property is being rented so we maintain all of the accounting information and manage it for you. Each month you will receive a monthly statement pointing out the income and expenses for the month. We are able to pay your expenses including utilities so that all of your income and expenses are in one place at the end of the year. Our team will provide you a full report with everything needed come tax season and if any questions arise, our team is here to help ensure the accounting aspect is not a headache. 

Quality – As Licensed Real Estate agents and Certified Vacation Home Specialists associated with one of the largest property management companies in Arizona, our Quality fully encompasses the best interests of our clients. We’re fully equipped to provide the expertise and range of services necessary to protect the owner from numerous liability issues and successfully compete for exceptional tenants. We offer full service vacation property management and specializes in all aspects from start to finish. Our network consists of professional quality resources including experienced agents and property managers, licensed general contractors, responsive handymen and maintenance personnel, exceptional housekeepers, quality landscapers and more. Whether you’re a new investor, an experienced investor, or simply a homeowner looking to generate a little extra income off a second, or vacation home, we’re here to help.

Experience – With years of experience we’ve come to know that Vacation Home Management involves a different type of tenant screening, preparation of a comprehensive rental agreement and efficient execution, but we also know that it involves accepting rent and using legal documents approved for the area in which the property is located along with properly registering with the city, county and state to ensure compliance. We utilize the most current technologies to manage and maintain the necessary records for tax and legal purposes and special attention is given to ensure compliance with current real estate laws.

Exposure – We utilize an enormous network of resources using both conventional and unconventional ways to maximize your properties exposure and attract the highest caliber tenants. With a history of proven success many of our clients enjoy capturing quality tenants who frequently wait in line to rent many of our vacation properties. We maintain a continual online presence of your property utilizing a variety of tools including listings on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), your properties own website, and several of the worlds largest vacation rental listing channels and most visited websites worldwide.

Our Quality of Management, the Experience we bring with us and the Exposure of your Vacation Rental places us in a position to properly manage and get the most out of your real estate investments.

Contact us to discuss your specific property and how we can help you create a favorable return on your investment.