Do I have to clean the home before departing?

Although we collect a cleaning fee when booking your reservation, we ask that you still maintain a certain level of respect for the home owners property. You may elect to clean the home before you depart, or you may leave the home uncleaned however, the home will be inspected after you depart, and if it is determined that the home requires excessive cleaning, you will be charged the actual amount the professional cleaning service charges to make the home ready for the next occupants.

Is it possible to arrive early or depart late?

The standard arrival time varies with each property but are usually either 3:00 or 4:00 P.M. Arrivals before your scheduled arrival are often times not possible based upon cleaning and maintenance requirements. The standard departure time is 11 a.m. Departures after 11 a.m. are generally not permitted and may result in charges for an additional night stay. This restriction sometimes comes as a surprise to people who are used to staying in hotels, motels, and resorts. Please try to appreciate the stark difference between the work involved in properly cleaning a private residential home and the time required to clean a much smaller hotel room. It can take up to 5 hours to clean a private residence (hence the reason for the 5-hour gap between check-out and check-in time). Moreover, homes require routine and special maintenance, which must be completed between occupants. The only way to be certain of an early arrival is to purchase the night prior to your arrival. The only way to secure a departure is to purchase the night after your scheduled departure. Please contact us to arrange for any additional nights you wish to reserve.

What is the cancellation policy?

To confirm a reservation, a non-refundable earnest deposit in the amount of $1000 is due at the time of rental agreement signing. Within 24 hours after guest check-in all Non-Refundable Earnest Deposits shall convert to a Refundable Damage Deposit. To maintain reservation confirmation the remainder of the full rental amount is due 45 days prior to check in. The deposit is given to ensure the performance of the Rental Agreement and shall be refunded as determined by applicable law, providing no deductions are made due to damages to the property or furnishings, excessive cleaning, fines for smoke/pet remediation, unauthorized animals, HOA fines or any other cost incurred by Homeowner due to Guest’s stay. If a Guest wishes to cancel his/her confirmed reservation greater than 45 days prior to check-in, all Non-Refundable Deposits shall be forfeited. If Guest wishes to cancel his/her reservation less than 45 days prior to move in and the premises are able to be re-rented, rent payments shall be prorated and refunded as of the next Guests confirmed move in date. No refunds shall be given if Guest takes occupancy and wishes to vacate the premises prior to his/her scheduled check out date.

Are linens and towels provided?

Yes, sufficient linens and towels are provided based on the number of authorized occupants listed on the lease agreement.

Does the property have a washer and dryer?

Many of the properties have private washers and dryers inside the properties while some may have onsite laundry facilities. Please refer to the amenities section of the each property to determine what is available at a particular property.

Do I have to pay to heat the pool or spa?

Although utilities are included on all short term vacation rentals (less than 90 consecutive days), if you are staying in a private residence for more than 30 days your lease agreement will most likely contain an electric cap. If the cost of the electricity (or gas) exceeds the limit outlined in your rental agreement you would only be liable for the difference. Please be sure to ask for details about the property you are interested in.

Do the properties come with telephones?

Some properties have telephones and some do not. Please refer to the home’s amenities section to determine if the property you are considering has a telephone or not.

What do we do if something in the house breaks?

Vacation rental homes are required to be maintained at a higher standard than a long term unfurnished rental and we try to quickly act in response to your maintenance concerns. The specific level of care for any given house will depend upon the terms and conditions of the both the Rental Agreement we have with the tenant, and the Maintenance Agreement we have with the Homeowner. All property owners carry minimum maintenance coverage, which must include on-call service for all household emergencies. The definition of what constitutes a household emergency depends upon the individual maintenance agreement. Generally, household emergencies are defined as matters that render the home unable to be occupied safely. Examples of what might be deemed a household emergency are broken windows, door locks, flooding, smoke damage, and roof leaks. All maintenance requests can be submitted to us online or by email.

Are Pets Allowed?

Most individual homeowners do not permit pets, however some do. Please contact us regarding the specific property your interested in or check the property listing to determine if it’s pet friendly. Expressed, written permission of the landlord must be obtained and the pet occupancy fee (if applicable) must be paid in advance at the time the Rental Agreement is executed.