Terms & Conditions

Please read these  Vacation Rental Terms & Conditions carefully before you book your vacation. Confirmation of booking by Elite Vacation Rentals for occupancy of Vacation Property indicates the acceptance of the terms of our Vacation Rental Agreement in full. All policies are strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of all guests and members of their party to be familiar with all policies pertaining to rental.

RENTER REQUIREMENTS: For legal and accounting purposes, the person placing the reservation must be the same as the credit/debit card holder. This person is considered to be the Guest. All other persons involved with the rental are considered to be the Guest’s invitees, and all discussion regarding reservation, cancellation, and damage policies will be discussed with the Guest, not the Guest’s invitees. The Guest understands that Elite Vacation Rentals rents to responsible adults over the age of 21 ONLY.OCCUPANCY:  The maximum number of occupants is limited to twice (2x) the number of confirmed guests at time of booking. The rental is not intended for parties, nor excessive gatherings at any time by anyone and unauthorized people at the home are prohibited. Enforcement of quiet hours are from 10:00p.m. – 8:00a.m.  Any fine imposed by a governing agency or HOA will be the sole responsibility of the Guest. Exceptions are made on an individual basis – please contact Elite Vacation Rentals for prior approval. If there is excessive noise or music, any illegal activity, or evidence of violation of these policies, you may be asked to vacate the premise without any refund of deposits, in addition to any and all damage, disturbance, and cleaning charges, additional charges may be assessed. Please inform us of any change in the number of guests before your arrival to avoid these charges and so the home can be prepared appropriately for your group. No exceptions or refunds are given for changes in the number of guests after your arrival. Property may not be subleased under any condition.
EARNEST DEPOSIT: A reservation can be made with a non-refundable earnest deposit at the time of booking. The deposit is given to ensure the performance of this Agreement and shall convert to a Refundable Security Deposit twenty four (24) hours after check-in. These funds can be paid by cash, personal check, money order, cashier’s check or credit card.BALANCE PAYMENT: Balance is due no later than 45 days prior to your arrival date. If no other payment is received 45 days prior to arrival, we will automatically run the balance on the credit card on file. We will keep the balance payment on the same credit card used for the initial payment, or you can call with a different card. A check or money order can also be issued at least 45 days prior to your arrival. If you choose to send a check or money order please send along with a signed copy of your rental agreement/confirmation.  If a reservation is made less than 45 days prior to arrival full payment is due when the reservation is made. If the reservation is made within 10 days prior to arrival, the full rental amount including all rent payments, taxes, deposits and any applicable fees shall be paid in certified funds.

TRANSFER OF REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: The refundable damage deposit shall be refunded within 14 days of the Checkout Date, or as determined by applicable law, provided there is no breakage or damage to the premises and/or contents, there are no outstanding long distance phone or pay-per-view charges, no additional cleaning costs, utility cap overages, fines for smoking, unauthorized animals, HOA fines or any other cost incurred by Homeowner due to Guest’s stay and all other rules of this agreement are adhered to. A $75.00 service charge will be incurred for any returned checks.

CANCELLATIONS: If Guest wishes to cancel/change his/her reservation greater than 45 days prior to check-in, Guest understands that all Non-Refundable Deposits shall be forfeited. If Guest wishes to cancel his/her reservation less than 45 days prior to move in and the premises are able to be re-rented, rent payments shall be pro-rated and will be refunded as of next Guests move in date. No refunds shall be given if Guest wishes to vacate the premises prior to his/her scheduled check out date. All reservation changes must be acknowledged in writing. We encourage all renters to purchase traveler insurance.

DAMAGE POLICY: Every reservation requires a refundable damage deposit. This Damage deposit covers unintentional damages to the rental unit and it’s contents that occur during your stay, provided they are disclosed to management prior to check out. Any damages that exceed the property specific damage deposit will be charged to the credit card on file for damages to the real or personal property assigned to your rental accommodation during your stay. No portion of the damage deposit may be applied to additional rental time or fees or other charges accrued by the Guest/Invitees. The entire deposit will be refunded if (1) no damage was done to the property other than reasonable wear and tear, (2) all keys are accounted for, (3) no items were missing, (4) all doors and windows were closed and secured upon departure, (5) all check out procedures were followed, (6) all Rules and Rental Agreement policies were followed, (7) no miscellaneous charges were incurred (e.g., unpaid rental fees, guests or pets, additional cleaning fees, or other charges). As a condition to the rental of all Vacation Properties, Elite Vacation Rentals reserves the right to charge the Guest’s credit card for any and all uncovered Guest/Invitee caused losses and damages sustained to the Vacation Property throughout the duration of their period of occupancy. In the event of any uncovered Guest/Invitee-caused loss or damage to the Vacation Property, including, but not limited to, undue cleaning, eviction, service calls, service charges, fines/assessments, repairs or replacements, plus all applicable taxes, Elite Vacation Rentals is hereby granted the right to charge the Guest’s credit card. An itemized statement outlining all associated costs will be sent via regular or electronic mail to the address submitted by the Guest at such time as the reservation was booked. By written or electronic endorsement of this Agreement, the Guest hereby agrees to pay for all such charges, as defined above and on the proceeding pages.

MINIMUM STAY: All properties require a minimum stay as stated in the web details. Longer minimum stays may be required during holidays or high demand periods.

ARRIVAL TIME: Check in is at 4 pm. An early arrival may be arranged depending on other reservations and the housekeeping schedule. Please contact us within 48 hours of your arrival to make these arrangements. Unless you have specifically arranged for an early arrival time, please do not arrive at the property before your schedule check in time.

DEPARTURE TIME: Check out is at 11 am. Your prompt departure is appreciated so we can prepare the property for any incoming guests. A late departure may be arranged depending on other reservations and the housekeeping schedule. If you have not arranged for a late check out, you may be charged $35 for each hour beyond 11 am you are still on property, at a minimum of one hour. If the cabin has not been vacated by 4 pm, a fee equal to the rental rate of 2 ½ days may be assessed.

POWER/ WEATHER RELATED CANCELATION: Elite Vacation Rentals does NOT issue refunds due to acts of nature such as: weather, road conditions, snow conditions, power outages or forest fires.

UTILITY CAP: Elite Vacation Rentals places a $200 utility cap per month on bookings in excess of 30 days. This cap shall apply to electric and gas (where applicable) and utility overage fees shall be billed to the renter at the actual overage cost. This cap does DOES NOT include any additional costs related to the use of pool heaters (where applicable) which will be outlined in your rental agreement.  If renter later opts to activate the pool heater at any time during their stay an additional fee will be charged as though the heater had been activated for their entire stay.

CLEANING FEE(s): A non-refundable cleaning fee is required with all reservations. This fee is for our housekeepers who dust, vacuum, sanitize, clean linens and towels, remove refuse from the property and appropriately prepare the property for the next guest. Guest(s) are required to follow all check out procedures detailed in this agreement and leave the property in the same general and good habitable condition it was in when the Guest(s) arrived. Undue and/or unreasonable cleaning of the home shall be charged to the Guest’s/Cardholder’s credit card as an Additional Cleaning Charge at a rate of up to $45/hour, with a one hour minimum. This also applies to the property exterior, grounds, BBQs and hot tubs (if so equipped).

CLEANING REQUIREMENTS: A starter supply of expendable supplies such as paper goods and soap is provided; please bring additional if you feel this will not be adequate. Basic cleaning supplies are stocked to do your own cleaning during your stay. Daily housekeeping service is an optional service we can provide through Elite Quality Services. Failure to comply with pre-departure cleaning requirements resulting in excessive cleaning will be charged to your credit card at $45/hour, with a one-hour minimum. Prior to departure we ask that Guest:

1) Place soiled towels in the bathtub.
2) Load and start the dishwasher.
3) Floors should be in generally good condition and ready to be vacuumed by our housekeepers.
4) All household trash, garbage, recycling and/or other discarded items should be properly bagged up so as to avoid spillage/leakage, deposited in the proper outdoor containers provided.
5) Refrigerator and microwave should be left relatively clean and free of food.
6) All appliances (stove, oven, BBQ, etc.) should be left in a clean condition and free of spills and grease.
7) Please wipe down counters and other surfaces.
8) Leave all keys, remotes, gate clickers, access cards, mailbox keys, and any other provided items on the kitchen counter except for 1 front door key which should be placed back in the lockbox using the appropriate lockbox code (where applicable).

LINENS & TOWELS: Bath towels, sheets, pillows and blankets are provided. Some properties may also provide additional towels for pool and outdoor use however, we suggest you bring beach or pool towels (if applicable). We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the premises. DO NOT take the homes linens or bath towels outside.

RENTAL RULES:  Guest agrees to abide by the following Rental Rules at all times while at the property and shall cause all members of the rental party and anyone else Guest permits on the property to abide by the following rules at all times while at the property.

  • Smoking Pets:  Smoking is NOT allowed on the premises of any Elite Vacation Rentals Property. This no smoking policy includes the use of E-Cigarettes, candles or other incendiary devices.  Generally pets are NOT permitted at most Elite Vacation Rental Properties. This pet policy does not apply to service animals (however, additional documentation may be required by Guest).  A violation of  either of these policies will result in a minimum fine of $250 per occurrence, plus actual damages for the breach.
  • Parking: Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas only.  Any illegally parked cars are subject to towing; applicable fines/towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.
  • Pool/Hot Tub (if applicable): No lifeguard is supplied.  Guest understands when using the hot tub and/or pool, there is a certain health risk associated with this facility and agrees to assume all risks associated the use of such items. Hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and are not designed to support a person or persons.  They will break and you may be charged for replacement.  Remember when not using the hot tub, leave cover on so hot tub will stay warm.  Emergency flotation devices are not toys and should be used only in case of an emergency.  Use these items at your own risk.
  • Criminal Activity: You agree to not allow any illegal activity to occur on the premises. Elite Vacation Rentals has the authority to contact law enforcement and report any criminal activity either known or suspected.
  • Wood Stove, Fireplace, Campfires (where applicable):  Firewood is not provided at most properties! When there is a fire, the door/screen must be closed (except to add wood) and the fire MUST be appropriately maintained. The fireplace, wood stove, and/or campfires may not be used during any burn ban. Call 800-323-BURN for info. Do not put anything except wood or wood products in the wood stove/fireplace. It is the guests responsibility to ensure that all fire restrictions are abided by during your stay. When using a campfire, a charged water hose is to be within 10 ft. The size of the fire should be small enough that embers are not landing outside the fire ring. Fires must be completely extinguished before departure. DO NOT LEAVE CAMP FIRES UNATTENDED! Call 800-323-BURN for info.

SATELLITE TV, INTERNET & PHONE CALLS: All properties are privately owned and have different subscription packages for cable and/or satellite and internet. Elite Vacation Rentals does not guarantee any programs, events or reception. Guest(s) are liable for ordering any Pay Per View – if Guest(s) does not use their own credit card for ordering, programming charges plus an additional $10.00 processing fee will be charged to the credit card we have on file. Some properties are equipped with a telephone; short calls within the U.S. are permitted.

PRIVATELY OWNED: This home is Privately Owned. Elite Vacation Rentals is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of Guest, or any injury or harm to Guest or visitors. By accepting this stay, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise. Guest agrees to keep the property and all furnishings in good and clean order and only use appliances for their intended uses. Please check carefully for belongings before you leave. Any items that remain on the premise may be discarded at Elite Vacation Rentals sole discretion. Left items may be mailed to you if requested prior to cleaning personnels arrival at the property. In such case you will be charged shipping costs plus a $25 service fee. Pick up may also be arranged at our Gilbert office. Elite Vacation Rentals is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

RIGHT OF ENTRY: Guest(s) agree that Elite Vacation Rentals reserves the right to enter the rental property any time to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check for damage, to make such repairs, alterations or improvements as we may deem appropriate, or to show the property to prospective purchasers or guests (in which case prior notification will be given).

SECURITY & SAFETY RISKS: ALWAYS LOCK DOORS AND WINDOWS WHEN YOU LEAVE THE HOME! When you rent the property, you assume responsibility for it and its contents, as well as your personal property. Always lock the doors and windows when you leave the home. There is a lockbox to which you will be given a code. This code is changed with every guest for security. Guest is responsible for lost key replacement costs. Children are welcome, but there may be conditions in and around the home that may pose hazardous to them, as well as to adults. Elite Vacation Rentals does not assume any responsibility for injuries resulting from your failure to use due caution. Children must be supervised at all times. Candles are not allowed due to fire hazard except citronella candles in buckets outside.

The home you have rented may have a Pool and/or Hot Tub/Jacuzzi. Please read the following terms related to your rental if this applies to your requested property.
Safety Concerns: No lifeguard or other safety equipment is provided and you use this amenity at your own risk. This home may not have safety locks, gates or other items that may be required by the City Codes for your household makeup. You are responsible for ensuring that these amenities meet the city codes that may apply to your household regarding pool safety equipment required for households with occupants under 6 (or a different age depending on the city in which the home is located). You are responsible for keeping all gates locked and the swimming pool/hot tub area secured at all times and for providing appropriate supervision of all tenants/occupants/guests.
Owner Access & Resposibility: You agree to allow the landlord and/or their agent access at regular times during the lease to inspect/maintain/repair the pool equipment. The landlord remains liable for the major pool equipment but you will be re:sponsible for anything that is damaged due to your neglect and/or the actions of your occupants/guests.
Limitations: You understand that the swimming pool and/or hot tub is strictly an amenity and that the use of this amenity is not guaranteed under the terms of the lease. Any interruption or non-availability of the use of the swimming pool/hot tub will not violate any terms of the lease.
Release/Insurance: By signing this Agreement, you agree that you will use these amenities at your own risk. Your landlord is not responsible for any injuries sustained by you and/or your occupants or guests when using them. You agree to purchase insurance that is sufficient to cover any claim by any person injured as a result of this amenity. Additionally, you agree to indemnify the landlord for any actions resulting from injuries to you and/or your occupants or guests.

PETS (includes service animals): Renter and all other guests/invitees of Guest hereby acknowledge that if the tenant has indicated that a pet will be staying in the premises and renter agrees to pay any and all applicable pet rents it will be disclosed at time of booking. Elite Vacation Rentals typically does not allow pets, however some properties may allow pets. In these specific instances a maximum of 2 approved dogs shall be allowed for an additional Pet Rent of $5 per pet per day and must be pre-authorized by management prior to move in. The pet rent will not be refunded if the pet no longer resides on the premises and will  not be refundable at the termination of the tenancy.

Obligations of the Tenant Regarding Pet(s):  Tenant agrees to take reasonable steps to control and care for their pet at all time.  They further agree to prevent and report any signs of pet damage within 48 hours. Notification shall constitute Renters permission for the Landlord to enter the unit to inspect.  Renter agrees to keep the home in a clean and debris free condition and to remove all feces in a timely manner.  Renter agrees to pay for any treatments to the home (including carpet cleaning, tick or flea remediation) that are required as a result of their pet staying on the premises.  Renter is fully liable for all behaviors of their pet and may be evicted as a result of any activity involving their pet.  Renter agrees to contain the pet while the Landlord or its agents are on the premises for any work that needs to be completed on the premises, when the property is being shown, or for any other reason that permits the Landlord access to the premises pursuant to ARS 33-1343.  Renter agrees to comply with all state, city, federal or other governmental entity rules, laws or regulations that govern animals including but not limited to pet registration, licensing, limitation on type or number of animals allowed in these premises.  Renter agrees to keep all animals, other than dogs, in appropriate cages at all times.

RESTRICTIONS:   The Landlord has the right to restrict the breed, size, or species of the pet permitted on the premises (Service animals excepted).  The Landlord may withdraw their permission for the pet to live on the premises at any time based on reasonable standards that involve the conduct of the pet or the Renter.

REMOVAL OF PET/MEDICAL CARE:  Tenant agrees to properly care for their pets and remove pets when their rental term is ended.  If the Renter fails to promptly remove the pet within 24 hours of the termination of the agreement and return of possession (through any legal means), Renter agrees that Landlord shall have the right to remove the pet and make alternative arrangements for that pet’s care at the Renter ‘s sole expense! If the Landlord determines that the pet must be removed because of behaviors involving that pet, Renter agrees that they will remove that animal immediately if the incident involves a health or safety concern, and not later than 10 days if there is any other reason to require the removal of the pet.  The Renter agrees that the landlord may enter the home without notice to any Renter/invitee if they reasonably the animal is in distress, injured and in need of medical care or abandoned.  If the animal is determined to need medical care, the landlord may remove the animal immediately and seek medical attention.  The Renter is liable for any and all medical costs or costs to board said animal.  The Renter releases the landlord from any liability or harm created by or caused to the animal in meeting these stated obligations unless said actions by landlord are deliberate and intentionally cause harm to the animal.  The decision of the landlord to enter and remove the animal or seek medical care is at the landlord’s sole discretion.

Other:  The Renter acknowledges that the Owner is not an insurer of Renter ‘s property and in encouraged to have insurance to cover any losses or liability that may result of actions of the pet.  Furthermore the Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Owner and its agents from any claims, including attorney fees, which the tenant may incur as a result of the negligent or intentional acts of the Renter’s pet or their guests’ pet.  Renter may be liable for failing to comply with these terms.   Owner and its agents shall not be liable to Renter or their guests or any third parties for any harm as a result of any pet issue other than for the intentional act of the Landlord.  Landlord may impose or modify rules and regulations involving pets with a thirty day written notice to the Renter and those rules and regulations will become a part of this addendum and fully enforceable, including but not limited to the imposition of fines and the requirement for the Renter  to provide and pay for DNA testing of the pet.

WARNING:  Providing false or misleading information about the pet or any other violation of this addendum is a material violation and may result in legal action.

INDEMNIFICATION & HOLD HARMLESS: While Elite Vacation Rentals and its Property Owners strive to maintain Vacation Properties in the finest condition, no guarantees are expressed nor implied regarding suitability or for any particular purpose. All Guest(s) and their invitees use the Vacation Property structures and premises at their own risk. Elite Vacation Rentals, Elite Services, Arizona Elite Properties and its Property Owners shall not be held liable or otherwise responsible in any way for injury to any Guest and/or their invitees that is caused or permitted to be caused by the intentional or unintentional acts of said Guest(s) and/or invitees, or by the failure of structures, appliances, (including hot tubs and BBQs) furnishings, and/or other equipment, whether by malfunction, misuse, acts of God/nature, and/or are otherwise naturally occurring. No guarantees are expressed nor implied as to the suitability of utilities and other services provided to the Vacation Properties and adjacent structures and premises. No guarantees are expressed nor implied regarding the suitability/compatibility of materials utilized in the construction of the Vacation Property and/or its contents. SG and its Property Owners shall not be held liable nor otherwise responsible in any way for allergic reactions to Guest(s) or invitees, caused or permitted to be caused by materials utilized in the manufacture of the Vacation Property and/or its contents, nor from mold and/or airborne spores, nor from pet/animal allergens, nor from chemical agents including, but not limited to appliances, linens, carpeting, utensils, fixtures, hot tubs, and/or other equipment. By written or electronic endorsement of this Agreement, Guest(s) and invitees hereby agree to forever hold-harmless and indemnify SG and its Property Owners from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability/responsibility of any kind and character, including cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with the Guest(s) use of the property.

LEGAL PROVISIONS  The parties agree that this Agreement is not a lease and is not governed by any landlord tenant laws but may be governed by innkeeper statutes.  The parties agree that in the event any portion of this Agreement becomes unenforceable due to any state, county, city, HOA, law, code, CC&R or if the premises are unable to be otherwise occupied due to a casualty event or other issue beyond the Homeowner/Agent’s control, all other aspects of this Agreement shall remain in full effect. Any interruption to the Guest’s stay that is not caused by an intentional act by the Homeowner/Agent shall result in a refund only if the premises are not able to be occupied, and all other inconvenience to Guest shall not be grounds for the termination of this Agreement or for reimbursement of the monies paid by Guest.  A pro-rated portion of the fee for the stay shall be refunded in the event that the premises are destroyed or damaged by any casualty event not caused by the Guest.   The parties agree to a waiver of any right to a jury trial and that all claims must be filed in the county and state where the rental premises are located.  The prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred arising out of any claim of breach of this Agreement.  If any part of this Agreement shall become unenforceable or otherwise disapproved of by a court of law, all other provisions of this Agreement shall remain in force and effect.  The titles of any paragraph are for convenience of the readers only.  This Agreement may be executed electronically and in counterpart.  If the Guest is married, both spouses must execute this Agreement.